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Fundamentals, variants and complementary: THE TRANSFER

by Gianluca Pisano.

Senior Professor Accademia Italiana Forza

Coach Genova Powerlifting

In the training planning of FORZA, first of all, we must understand what the objectives of the Mesocycling, the Macrocycling, i.e. short, medium and long term are. That we are talking about Powerlifting or Strength Training and hypertrophy the focus must be on the goal of programming and choosing exercises, aiming at this focus.

How much is the direct and undirected transfer of an exercise? What impact on my choice?

Depending on how much an exercise is “discounted” by what is the goal, for a powerlifter therefore the maximum performance in Squat Panca and Stacco, you will have more or less direct transfer, will accumulate more or less stress and you will need more attention to the movement/concentration then distribute the energies.

Recognising whether an exercise is a variant or a complementary one is therefore important:

for a coach who will definitely start with the basics/variants in planning training. Afterwards, it will go to complementary. If, instead of real complementary ones, variants are chosen, surely the systemic load of the program will be distorted. Although on a beginner it can make little difference as the level rises this can compromise the success of the program.

For an athlete who might find himself having to choose a complementary, perhaps if not specified in the program. An example of a word “tripits” or “built of thrust” . Or to understand how important it is to give an exercise.

INOLUTION A variant will have a motor scheme closer to that of the fundamental, and you can benefit from a more direct transfer. An improvement in the bench media is almost synonymous with improvement even with race take. While an improvement with handlebar benches is not absolutely said it entails an improvement even in bench with barbell.

Even in terms of error: a poorly managed variant because considered of equal importance to a complementary one, can damage the movement of the fundamental. For example, a tight grip bench made as complementary to the tricipients in mala-gestion.

To evaluate and place an exercise we need 4 parameters:

In our case the BUDGET. If an exercise does not provide for the use of the balance sheet we can consider it a complementary one. Example of the flat bench made with handlebars is a complementary. Different instrument, different feeling and pattern.

If the implementation trajectory of the exercise is on a different plan of work, we are talking about a complementary one. For example flat bench and military press. When it comes to the tilted or declined bench, it depends on how much the inclination is. For angles of work close to those of the plain, a variant can be considered.


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