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how to stay motivated to gain weight

The Hack Squat (or Hack Squat) is a variant of machine-swimming. It is often done as an exercise to train quadriceps.

Sometimes, when the target is pure hypertrophy, the rear armchairs are not always the best choice. As we have explained in the article about the seating, that is due to many variables such as body proportions and individual mobility.

Often, a machine can provide greater stimulus in the muscles.

The Squat Hack turns out to be an excellent exercise as an alternative to the classic seat, split seat or any other exercise that requires stability. Because here we have a backup to increase spinal and pelvic stability.

This means that we will be able to get a muscle stimulus on the lower train without loading the back.

The lower tension in the spine allows us to add training volume even for those who perform profitable rear seats.

Sentadilla Hack: a seat "for quadriceps"

Analysing biomechanics and the resistance profile, we can consider the Hack Sense as a dominant exercise on the knee, so it puts more stimulus on the quadriceps.

The Hack Side puts maximum tension down, when the quadriceps is in maximum stretch, except for the femoral rectum that being biarticular will be shortened at the hip level and stretched at the knee level.

The exercise becomes more difficult as we go down, increasing the tension in the quadriceps, as the knee bends and goes forward.

Being the resistance (and consequently the tension) almost non-existent at the top of the movement, the exercise lends itself well to the accommodating resistance, or elastic bands or reverse elastic bands to change the resistance profile.

Hack Squat and Mobility

As we have said, the exercise is dominant on the knee, which at times (depends on the machine) has to go forward to allow an optimal stimulus in the quadricps.

But that could be constrained by the mobility of ankle in dorsiflexion.

However, this limitation is not as strong as in a seat or a front seat, because we do not have the "problem" of balance and we should not worry too much about the proportions between tibia, femur and torso.

In addition, many hack Sentadilla machines, allow you to adjust the platform's inclination, so we can position it to match individual mobility.

If the platform is not adjustable and we have mobility problems, we can even opt for halterophilia shoes with heel that simulate a dorsal bending.

Sometimes some people to ensure optimal depth will have to lengthen the foot position to gain some more centimeters.

Technique Sentadilla Hack

Find the ideal placement that fits your own physical conformation (ancha or narrow).

Note that a position of the feet below on the platform allows greater bending-extension of the knee with consequently greater work of the quadriceps, but always if the mobility of ankle allows.

The knee points in the same direction as the foot, rotating externally could increase the ROM, especially if we have bad dorsiflexion.

The tension is maximum at the bottom of the exercise, therefore it is even more important to perform a relatively slow negative phase (2-3 seconds).

It's good to stop a second down and avoid rebounds, because we don't want it to apply even more force in that position, as there is a good dose of tension due to the dynamics of exercise.

Sucessively, push with the whole foot extending the knees, pressing the torso to the backrest (bracing) for maximum stability.

Thinking about pushing slightly forward and not just downwards, it could help recruit the quadriceps better.

It is important to look for the maximum depth that our atropometry allows, that means stopping before the pelvis starts to rotate and the back is separated from the back.

To put more tension on the glutes, we can position the feet above on the platform, limiting the bend-extension of the knee, which will reduce the range of motion because, contrary to the seat, on the Hack Side the hips cannot go back and the torso is stopped.

How to Schedule the Hack Sentadilla

The Hack Sentadilla is perfect for any range of repetitions, from low and heavy, to the most metabolic with more repetitions and less load.

The great stability of exercise makes it possible to perform intensity techniques such as Cluster Sets, Rest-Pause, Drop Sets, etc.

The almost absence of tension in the back makes the exercise suitable for combining (in super series or as an antecedent exercise) with another hip dominant, such as a Romanian dead weight.

While if we are looking to fully "animate" the quadriceps, we can perform a super series with the legs extension machine to complete the resistance profile completely (stiring for the hack sentry, maximum shortening for extensions).

Sentadilla Hack Squat Practical Guide

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