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If you're riding a bike, you're likely to get better one way or the other. Maybe you'd like to go faster, increase your strength, walk more powerfully, improve your skills or just feel more stable over the bike. It's true, the more mountains on the bike, the better you'll be back. However, sometimes, to see results on the bike, you must get off it... and enter the gym.

We know that going to the gym to pick up and leave heavy things might not be your thing. To tell the truth, when we talk to our professional athletes at Liv Racing, we hear more than one confession about not loving the gym. But time at the gym will eventually help your cycling training in many ways, from preventing injuries to generating explosive energy! Continue reading to get to know some excellent professional advice.

How often do you go to the gym?

“ In the lower season, I go to the gym at an hour session 4 days a week and two of those days I go twice, that is, 6 gym sessions in total. During the season, my gym sessions are very limited. If I'm lucky, I get twice a week, but most of the time (for the week of travel or career) I'm not going to the gym at all." - Rae Morrison, Enduro MTB

"I go to the gym from 2 to 4 times a week out of season and from 1 to 2 times a week during the season, usually I spend 1 hour a session." - Crystal Anthony, XC MTB

“The low season, or base construction season, is the perfect time to build a solid base for racing and spend more time at the gym. But the attention throughout the year to functional force keeps my body and my mind aligned. During the construction phase of the base/out of the season, 2-3 days a week. Throughout the year, I practice boulder in our local climbing gym 2-3 afternoons a week and I practice a morning strengthening routine, TRX, central work and moving meditation every day." - Serena Bishop Gordon, XC MTB

“The out-of-season fitness training consists of 3 days of uprising and 1-2 days of work focused on the prevention of body weight injuries. During the season, I will train with weights 2-3 days a week and spend a day focusing on body weight movements." - Allysa Seely, Triathlon

"I try to do exercises for chore and stabilization twice a week during my main race season and I focus on work at the gym at the beginning of the training season (December to February)". - Radka Kahlefeldt, Triathlon

"In the low season, I go to the gym twice a week and in the regular season I try to go once a week unless I have a run that weekend. Sometimes, if I have a career that weekend, I will still go to the gym early in the week and do a training centered on the trunk and the upper body." - Kaysee Armstrong, XC MTB

“I’ve had the best seasons of my career without putting a foot in a gym and I’ve had many other big seasons that have involved a lot of work at the gym.


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